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  • Post Office Money customers rewarded with an automatic 10 per cent increase in home contents cover over the festive period*

Post Office Money Home Insurance is giving its customers one extra present this festive season by increasing their home insurance cover by 10 per cent from one month before and one month after the holiday season.

With many homes filled with lots of Christmas gifts ahead of the festive period, any case of theft or accidental damage could result in a more costly loss than usual. A combination of unattended homes during the busy holiday social season and long winter nights means households could be more vulnerable to burglary.

Post Office Money Home Insurance automatically increases the level of contents cover during big celebrations such as Christmas* to ensure that any valuables in your home are protected.

Rob Clarkson, Managing Director, Post Office Money Insurance, said: “We want to ensure that our customers have extra peace of mind this Christmas so that is why we have automatically increased home contents cover. The lead up to the festive season can be a busy time for all and some of the important things such as protecting our homes can become an afterthought. By adding this extra cover, customers can be secure in the knowledge that their gifts and belongings have a little extra protection.”

Top tips for protecting your home and gifts at Christmas:

  • Be cautious when posting on social media outlets if you are choosing to go away for the festive season
  • If you are out of the house for long periods of the day, or spending the holiday elsewhere, consider installing automatic light timers to give the impression that someone is home and deter would-be thieves
  • Do not leave presents or other valuables where they might be visible to passers-by
  • If you are expecting a delivery or parcel make sure you are in to receive it or a neighbour can look after it until your return rather than leaving it outside on the doorstep
  • Do not leave boxes and packaging of expensive new goods among the rubbish, especially as Christmas collections may be at unfamiliar times
  • Make sure that your home insurance covers all expensive gifts in the home and check whether some items may needed to be listed separately on your policy. Contact your insurer as soon possible if you need to make changes to your policy
  • Take a photographic record of very expensive items and always keep the receipts
  • Keep any decorations securely out of reach of any open fires, candles or decorative lights.
  • If you have outdoor lights make sure any cables or extension cords do not leave windows or doorways unsecured, as burglars will know to look for vulnerable spots like this
  • Paint the rim of your garden fence with anti-climb paint; this makes it harder for someone to climb the fence and if they do it will be easier to find finger prints

*At Christmas, other religious festivals or during weddings, Post Office Money customers automatically receive a 10 per cent increase in their home contents cover. Conditions and exclusions apply.


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