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Post Office joins Government’s GCloud 11 framework, offering full suite of identity services

Press releases   •   Aug 07, 2019 14:35 BST

  • Post Office has joined the Government Digital Framework, GCloud 11, enabling government departments to offer people a suite of ‘bricks and clicks’ identity services
  • Services available include Digital Identity, In-branch Verification and Document Certification.
  • Allows departments to take advantage of the convenience of the Post Office network; 93% of people in the UK live within 1 mile of a branch

Post Office has joined the government’s digital marketplace, GCloud 11, with a suite of identity services now on offer to all government departments and agencies.

Being part of the framework streamlines the entire procurement process for any government department seeking to work with Post Office.

There are three Post Office Identity Services available on the framework. These are:

  • Digital Identity – enabling millions of users to prove who they are and to share verified data and documents straight from their device
  • In-branch verification – providing support for specific customers who require face to face identity verification
  • Document certification – certifies copies of original documents with additional digital image capture available, if required

These services offer government partners the flexibility of ‘bricks and clicks’. Digital services support those citizens who are confident to navigate the online world. And a network of 11500 outlets continues to bridge the gap for those who require face to face services and support. 93% of the UK population lives within 1 mile of a Post Office.

With a website that attracts millions of visitors each year and 11500 branches, Post Office is conveniently accessible to all. The Identity Services team already works with a range of government partners, including DVLA, Her Majesty’s Passport Office and the Cabinet Office

Digital Identity focuses on helping users to create a reusable identity that can be shared across all sectors and use cases, from government and financial services, health and welfare, travel and age restricted retail. Once a user has created their digital identity they can use it time and time again without the need for further verification.

Document Certification provides up to three copies of an original document, certified to state that they are a true likeness to the original: Includes all common forms of ID: passports, driving licences, utility bills and bank statements.

Martin Edwards, Managing Director of Identity Services at Post Office, commented:

“We are delighted to be able to offer our services through GCloud 11. We are uniquely placed to serve customers who may be digital natives, while also supporting those who prefer to engage with our services face to face.

“We look forward to working with our government partners in the identity space. We share many common goals, including tackling issues such as digital and financial exclusion. By helping customers to prove who they are in an easy and inclusive manner, we believe we will remove barriers that impede access to key services such as Universal Credit, and passport applications,”

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About Post Office:

  • With 11,500 branches, the Post Office is among the larger retail networks in the UK.
  • 97% of Post Office branches are run with retail partners on an agency or franchise basis.
  • The Post Office provides services central to peoples’ everyday lives; 99.7% of the population lives within 3 miles of a Post Office.
  • We offer the UK’s largest fee free cash withdrawal network through our 11,500 branches and an additional 2,500 cash machines and 99 per cent of UK bank customers can access their accounts at the Post Office.
  • We sell 170 different products and services spanning financial services including savings, insurance, loans, mortgages and credit cards; Government services; telephony; foreign currency; travel insurance and mail services.
  • Post Offices branches remain highly valued and trusted, and are the focal point of many communities. For more information; visit and to find out about a Post Office business opportunities; visit

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