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Post Office welcomes Association of Convenience Stores' 2017 Community Barometer

News   •   Aug 04, 2017 12:21 BST

The 2017 Community Barometer has revealed that Post Offices and convenience stores are the nation’s favourite high street shops and services for the third year running.

Kevin Gilliland, Chief Executive of Retail at the Post Office said:

“It’s extremely rewarding to see that both consumers and local councillors, who are at the heart of communities, have voted our services as having the most positive impact in local areas.

“This report highlights the continued and essential role that post offices play in communities throughout the UK. With a trusted network of 11,500 branches, and with 99.7% of people in the UK living within just three miles of a Post Office, we are uniquely placed to bring a range of vital services to people across the country – from convenience retail and banking services as well as mails, government services and bill payments. And it’s not just customers who see the benefits of our services: local economies gain around £300K of value from a Post Office being located near a high street.

“Particularly when it comes to banking, Post Office branches can often be a real lifeline for households and small businesses within communities. In partnership with the banking industry, we have secured access to almost every UK bank account for our customers. So whether there is still a bank nearby, or whether a community is struggling with limited access to a bank, we are right there to offer a range of every day banking services in all our Post Office branches, from cash deposits and withdrawals, to balance enquiries.

“We’re proud to play this critical role in supporting local communities to thrive and we look forward to doing so for many generations to come.”