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Press release   •   Aug 19, 2016 15:23 BST

  • Only half of CWU members voted in ballot for industrial action, 41 per cent of members voted in favour of strike action
  • Any industrial action would not involve people working in over 97 per cent of Post Office’s over 11,600 branches
  • Post Office has contingency plans to minimise disruption to services during industrial action
  • Post Office must continue with its plans to ensure that Post Office branches thrive for future generations

The Post Office today called for continued dialogue as a CWU ballot for industrial action turned out just 50% of its members - meaning just 41% of membership voted in favour of strike.

Post Office said that, should action be called, it would be working to minimise disruption to customers in its around 300 Crown branches, where CWU members work. 97 per cent of its over 11,600 strong branch network would not be involved in any industrial action.

The Post Office also said that the CWU’s comments regarding the business’s performance are misleading and can only cause undue concern for customers and employees, adding that it is committed to keeping its vital services on high streets and at the heart of smaller communities through its retail network- the largest in the UK.

Over 99 per cent of people in the UK live within three miles of a Post Office branch. To secure that level of service for the future, there has been significant investment over the past few years to modernise the business and the branch network. The Post Office Limited’s 2015/16 Annual Report shows that it is making steady progress towards commercial sustainability and reducing reliance on taxpayer subsidy, and that its network size is at its most stable for decades.

Kevin Gilliland, Post Office Network and Sales Director said:

“We must continue with our plans to modernise our network and make it better for customers. We are taking the right actions to ensure that Post Office branches thrive for future generations.

“We halved our losses in 2015/16 and are making steady progress in ensuring our business is simpler to run, reducing costs to the taxpayer whilst at the same time modernising our network of over 11,600 branches, which is now at its most stable for decades.

“All of our proposals are taken forward with the utmost care for the people they affect and we’re proud of our track record in supporting people through difficult changes. The CWU’s threat of industrial action can only unsettle customers and employees.

“We will give serious consideration to any ideas that our unions put forward to help us create the Post Office network that our customers need for the future, and urge them to continue to work with us. We are happy to talk and continue to invite the CWU to join us at the negotiating table.”


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About Post Office: Post Office Limited has an unrivalled national network of over 11,500 branches across the UK, more than all the high street banks combined, and sits at the heart of many communities across the country.

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